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    : Minimum monthly cost for online advertising by RahmanX company is 2,00,000 Bangladeshi taka or equivalent including VAT, which must be paid with a preapproved monthly loan with no interest, from RahmanX company. Pay back the loan as much as possible whenever your business makes money. The loan is required to ensure that ads can run a lot continuously, ensuring the best outcome. To guarantee sufficient sale for your business, RahmanX company will manage all of your business's online ads. Ads will be placed online on RahmanX platform, whenever and whichever way necessary, such as on RahmanX app and RahmanX.com. If approved by RahmanX company, ads may also be placed outside RahmanX platform, whenever and whichever way necessary. The fee includes costs of currency exchange and necessary third party services as well as VAT after deducting these costs.
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    : By taking the online advertising service of RahmanX company, you will be agreeing to the latest policies of RahmanX company.
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    : Online Advertising Agency

Online Advertising Agency

  • About The Agency

    : RahmanX is the highest paid and the most skilled online advertising agency in Bangladesh. RahmanX is also the only online advertising agency in Bangladesh that has its own online advertising platform.
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    : Online Advertising Service
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